How to Protect Your Internet Privacy

privacyphoto © 2009 Alan Cleaver | more info (via: Wylio)

The police are watching you.  The government is watching you.  Your boss is watching you.  Even your own mom is watching you.  It’s like that old Rockwell song; someone is, indeed, always watching you.  Is there any privacy anymore?  It seems with the advent of the Internet that personal privacy has completely disappeared, with every spammer, website, and government agency tracking and recording your every online move.

Is there any way to avoid spilling your life’s every intimate detail while surfing the Web?  The simple answer is “yes.”  It’s quite easy, actually.  Encrypt your emails.  Use SSL when transmitting financial details and other sensitive personal info.  Don’t do stupid things like post photos of you vomiting rum and coke all over naked strippers at a night club (you’d be surprised how the obvious things can escape peoples’ common sense).

Aside from the above advice, one of the most important and effective strategies to maintaining your online privacy is the make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  A VPN acts as a secure tunnel through which your data can safely burrow its way from your computer to its destination.  Originally designed for large corporations as a way to protect its communications with remote workers, this advanced technology is now available to normal mortals like you and I.

To make using VPN technology easy, I highly recommend using a VPN service like  These guys totally rock, with fast connections, reliable servers, and customer service that is second to none.  I was surprised at just how well even bandwidth consuming applications like Skype and YouTube performed through their VPN service.  When you use a VPN service like, you protect yourself from hackers and other bozos trying to sniff your data off the local wifi hotspot.  You’d be surprised how many websites don’t encrypt your data.  When data gets sent unencrypted, it is vulnerable to attack.  It has been shown in the past that hackers lurking in wifi cafes were able to gain control of Facebook accounts just by using simple tools that intercepted Facebook cookies from unknowing victims.

The easiest way to protect yourself is by using a VPN service like  So peep them out at the following URL: VPN Service

If you want more details about how a VPN service works just shoot me back a comment or three and I’ll post a few more articles for more details.