How to fix the dreaded EEE PC wireless “pending” problem.

Okay, so this isn’t a total solution, but here goes. I have owned an Asus Eee PC 701 for years now. In fact, I bought it the same month it was released. In any case, it has been a great little PC, except for it’s bloody wireless issues. On many wi-fi connections, it simply won’t connect, only giving a “pending” or “sleeping” message after it fails to get an IP address.

A lot of people have reported fixes to this that require access to the communicating router. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite work out when you are out in public.

Although there are probably tons of reasons why this happens (and believe me, I’m sure it happened to me for more than one reason in the past), the one fix that just worked for me now was simple.

When you first try to connect, it may falsely assume you are trying to use WEP. I figured this out when I went into the settings wizard and was greeted with an error message when I tried to click okay. It told me my password was an invalid length or format. I knew I typed the password in correctly, so I switched from WEP to WPA and it worked!



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