Greece and their wonderful economy.

When you consider Greece was the origins of modern-day democracy, it’s kind of sad to see their economy in shambles. It’s even more pitiful when you see they want to point the finger and sue American banks. Why not blame the European banks as well?


Amazon Web Services EC2 Unable to launch instances: invalid BASE64 encoding of user data

How to fix the following problem when launching an Amazon EC2 Intstance under Eclipse:

“Unable to launch instances:  invalid BASE64 encoding of user data”

I had no idea what this meant and I couldn’t find anything in Google.  So When I saw the dialog had some “user data” I put in there (just a few comments), I took them out.  Just delete anything in the “user data” textbox and launch again.  I never have this problem with the console.  Maybe this is just an Eclipse plug-in bug?


geek day is overrated

pluto is not a planet, and pythagoras was NOT a geek.  get over it.