How to create a swap file in OpenSolaris

Here is an excellent resource on how to create a swap file in OpenSolaris. I needed this because I kept running out of memory as I was evaluating build 125 when using VMWare Fusion on my MacBook even though I had the VM set for 1 GB of RAM.

How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.

This was hilarious. Check it out:

Obama Bumper Sticker (BS) Removal Kit

OMG, this is so funny I have to share with everyone:


How to fix the dreaded EEE PC wireless “pending” problem.

Okay, so this isn’t a total solution, but here goes. I have owned an Asus Eee PC 701 for years now. In fact, I bought it the same month it was released. In any case, it has been a great little PC, except for it’s bloody wireless issues. On many wi-fi connections, it simply won’t connect, only giving a “pending” or “sleeping” message after it fails to get an IP address.

A lot of people have reported fixes to this that require access to the communicating router. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite work out when you are out in public.

Although there are probably tons of reasons why this happens (and believe me, I’m sure it happened to me for more than one reason in the past), the one fix that just worked for me now was simple.

When you first try to connect, it may falsely assume you are trying to use WEP. I figured this out when I went into the settings wizard and was greeted with an error message when I tried to click okay. It told me my password was an invalid length or format. I knew I typed the password in correctly, so I switched from WEP to WPA and it worked!



I now love seeing “This webpage is not available” in Google Chrome.

It’s not often one likes to see error messages in their web browser. However, I welcomed the day I started to see “This webpage is not available” while using Google Chrome.


It is simple. I added a HOSTS file to my Macbook that essentially blocks out ad sites. If a web page requests content from a host listed within this HOSTS file, it simply refuses to download that content. This saves download time and prevents your brain from being polluted by useless propaganda.

Want to try it yourself? Check out these sites:


How to Run Android on a Desktop PC

Okay, Murphy’s Law is usually my day-by-day friend. But he didn’t happen to visit me today. I was in luck, and was able to get this bad-boy running in just a few minutes. The download took longer than actually setting it up.

I downloaded the two ISO parts and catted them together in a terminal on my Macbook. Then I created a VMWare Fusion-based VM specified as “other” (there is no option for Android). Point Fusion towards the ISO file to boot and there you go! Save yourself some money and run Android on the computer you already have!

Energy Saving Dilemma – Use natural light or indoor lighting in hot weather?

I know, I know. Everybody says to use natural light by opening windows instead of indoor lighting which requires electricity. Does this advice apply in hot weather, too?

Does the savings gained by using sunlight trump the costs of the AC running to remove the extra heat caused by the sunlight entering the house?


Problem installing Android Plugin for Eclipse on Mac – calculating requirements and dependencies

Hi everybody,

So I was trying to install Eclipse and the Android Plugin on my Macbook yesterday. I downloaded Eclipse version 3.6 and tried to install the plugin.

No joy.

It got stuck during the update with the message “calculating requirements and dependencies” similar to what these guys experienced:

Eclipse also got stuck when trying to update itself.

My solution was to remove version 3.6 and install 3.5 So far I have been able to update Eclipse, install the Plugin, and am now downloading the Android platform stuff using the plugin.

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone want to give me advice so I don’t get stuck on anything more stuff in the future?


Am I a kender?

Hmm, let’s see. I’m short, curious, look perpetually young, am fearless, completely wanderlust, and have a strange talent for being able to get so far under someone’s skin that they become completely enraged and irrational.

I’m not sure I’ll live to see 100 years old, but the DnD peeps who conjured up this character must have had friends like me. bahaha

Maybe I should create “The Kender Test”.