Plasma, dog plasma.

It is amazing how far cartoon animation has gotten these days.  However, I sometimes miss the classics.  When I was a kid I remember this oldie but goodie, never seeming to get the “plasma, dog plasma” comment out of my head.  Although I watched this in the mid 80s, it’s amazing to think this was actually created in 1955!  Check out the link below:



3 thoughts on “Plasma, dog plasma.

  1. “plasma” was just mentioned on Dexter and I immediately said to my son, “plasma, dog plasma”. Of course he had never seen this cartoon, so we looked it up. Happens to me every time I here the word. Hilarious cartoon.

  2. did you find my blog while searching for this cartoon? how cool. lol. thanks for reminding me to keep my blog up to date. it’s hard to do sometimes when irritating things like a day job get in the way! lol.

    i had to look up “dexter” because i had no idea what that was! lol. yesterday, some kid was talking about how she loves judge judy. i told her my recollections of judge wapner and she had no clue who i was talking about!

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